Optimise your payroll with an outsourced provider

In this post we discussed a number of changes that will affect your business – now we’re going to talk you through a few different elements that will impact your organisation, time and money.

Both of these factors are crucial when it comes to your business’ success as ensuring you’re effectively spending money helps to improve your profits, whereas utilising your time to the fullest helps you to become as efficient as possible. When both of these factors are taken into consideration, it can be said that outsourcing your payroll can be the best solution!

You may be thinking, ‘Why outsource when I can do it myself?’ To help you understand the benefits of this, we’ve collated a few of them below. Nothing stays the same…

As with every industry, changes are made frequently with new rules and regulations that need to be adhered to keep your business compliant with the law. Taking the time to learn and implement these can be a lengthy process, whereas outsourcing this can free you up to focus on other pressing matters that require your attention.

This also applies to team members – as your business grows, you’ll need to add more people to your payroll, therefore taking longer to process each month. If you outsource this task then you don’t have to worry about the time it takes as you know it will be taken care of for you.

Dedicated to helping you succeed

When you outsource your payroll, you will be in the hands of experts who are working on your behalf to help your business thrive. Instead of having an individual working in-house on your payroll and a selection of other financial items, you’ll be able to access a team who’ll be on hand to take care of all of the intricate details involved in this system, as well as asking them for their expertise that you wouldn’t be able to gain in-house. Their sole focus on this element will no doubt instantly increase efficiency.

Financially sustainable

Sometimes spending that little bit extra can help you to save in the long run; when you take into account the list of different factors we’ve noted above, it should be clear that outsourcing your payroll to an external company is an extremely cost-effective option. Although you may see it as an expense in the beginning, the rewards you will gain over time will easily outweigh the expenditure you’re incurring.

It also works out cheaper than hiring a new member of your team to deal with your payroll. Not only will you not have to go through the recruitment process, but you will not have to pay their salary – you can simply outsource the role for a quarter of the price!

As the new financial year begins, it’s the perfect time to refresh your provider and get the finest service for your business. At KMS Payroll, we’re here to help – get in touch with us today if you’d like to find out more about how we can help your business flourish.